My Meeting With Hillary Clinton

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Last Sunday, Hillary Clinton was in West Hampton Beach for a book signing to promote her latest tome, “Hard Choices.”

I arrived hours after the opening to avoid the crowds and long lines. My plan worked. The wait to shake the hand of the former Secretary of State and possible presidential candidate was 10 minutes at most. During that time, I was approached by a reporter and cameraman from Channel 12 Long Island News for a short interview.  Did I think Hillary was trying to distance herself from Obama? What do I think of her Middle East policies? What effect will a Paul Ryan candidacy have on her chances to win?

My answers consisted of a short rant about how our candidates, our country, and the world is polarized and paralyzed with anger and hate. How we need more thoughtful candidates. How money controls power regardless of who wins. Yada. Yada. Yada.

When I saw the interview that night on TV, my responses were reduced to a profound “Yes, I’m glad Hillary may be running.” So much for my TV career.

Here are my take-aways from my meeting with Hill…

● It seems she’s had lots of Botox and fillers on her current wrinkle-less face.

● She looked tired and a bit chunky while she shook hands with each person in line saying “Thank you for coming.”

While I’d love to see a woman presidential candidate, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Hillary for years. Currently I’m in the wait and see phase. What I ask myself is this: With colossal problems in our world including a divided country, terrorism, climate change, and hotspots erupting in every corner of the globe, why would anyone want this job anyway.

What do you think?